[Note] How to upload code to GitHub by using Git

1. download git.exe from https://git-scm.com and install it

2. open Git Bash and key in

   ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C “your_email@example.com”

3. keep clicking Enter till to the end

4. open id_rsa in .ssh folder and copy the key

5. log in GitHub, go to settings > SSH and GPG keys, and click New SSH key

6. paste key, name and build it

7. go back to Git Bash, key in

    git config –global user.name “your name”,

and click enter

8. key in

    git config –global user.email “your email address”

9. go to GitHub, and build the repository

10. build md file

11. go to the position where you want to download the files from the GitHub in cmd, and key in

    git clone <web url>

    ※<web url>  is under the code button.

After finishing the steps above, you can update files by keying in

git commit -m “record name”,

clicking enter,  and keying in

git push

to update your file.

※git status: appear the updated status

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